Historical cooperation and trends between Naryan-Mar and Finnmark in Nenets and Saami reindeer herders cultures and economies

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Naryan-Mar branch of the Federal State Institution of Science Federal Research Center for Integrated Study of the Arctic named after Academician N.P.
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The Nenets Autonomous Okrug (NAO) in Russia and Finnmark in Norway have been the subject of reindeer husbandry research and experimentation for decades. This project aims to visualize historical time lines of Saami and Nenets reindeer herding best practices, herding culture and economies. The project will be accomplished by 1) Enhancing the network between Saami and Nenets reindeer herders in Finnmark and the NAO by traveling introducing the topic collecting best practices and engaging new partners 2) Hosting open public seminars (in Kautokeino and Naryan-Mar) where the network can present historical trends and engage Saami and Nenets reindeer herders, as well as other parts of society, in discussion about the culture, economy and sustainability of reindeer husbandry in both regions. The project will seek to test whether the implementation of structural and rational modernization techniques in reindeer husbandry has influenced the use of traditional knowledge in the NAO and Finnmark. Our main hypothesis is that reindeer husbandry modernization has resulted in different uses of reindeer herders traditional knowledge in the NAO and Finnmark. Indigenous peoples traditional knowledge is important for their wellbeing and loss of traditional knowledge might affect their ability to innovate in the face of climate change and attain sustainable societal development.­­