Practical Peace Work - pre-project

UiT Senter for fredsstudier
Northern-Arctic Federal University
Barentssekretariatets støtte
350 000 NOK
Prosjektet startes
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Centre for Peace Studies (UiT) initiates a Practical Peace Work project autumn 2013 along with Russian partner, NArFU, Murmansk State Humanities University and Petrozavodsk State University. The pre‐project includes development of basic materials, network development and organization of some initial activities/training sessions. Six NGO representatives will be invited to Tromsø in October 2013 to join the Barents PEN Start‐up Conference. Thirty NGO representatives will take part in a joint trial workshop in Karelia. A pre‐project report will assess these initial activities, and form an important basis for the upcoming main Practical Peace Work project.

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