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WORKSHOP: We are excited to announce that Federico Lozano will be hosting a workshop on “Design Thinking” in Kirkenes, during the final event of the Barents Entrepreneurs project! We strongly encourage young entrepreneurs to participate.   


"Design thinking" is practical, human-centered, and prototype-driven. It helps teams of diverse people tackle fuzzy, ill-defined challenges in creative ways. These challenges can come in many shapes and sizes, for example, the development of new products, services, and experiences; the design of business models; or the structuring of organizational systems. 

Federico Lozano is an educator, entrepreneur, and design thinking trainer who is passionate about helping all sorts of people innovate. He is known for his overwhelming enthusiasm, and amazing workshops!

During the workshop in Kirkenes, Federico will give an introduction to the key tools, methods, and mindset of design thinking, which you will learn by working in teams on a real-life design challenge.

Federico Lozano is known for his overwhelming enthusiasm and amazing workshops. (Source:

Barents Entrepreneurs
Barents Entrepreneurs supports development of SMEs in the Barents Region, by facilitating specific trainings for young business leaders within innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Participants of the workshop should be young business leaders or entrepreneurs between ages 18 and 35 in the Barents Region. 

We strongly encourage young entrepreneurs to participate. Register by sending us an e-mail before 
10 September 2017.



Date: 22-23 September
Place: Thon Hotel, Kirkenes

Please contact Barents Entrepreneurs for registration. 
Jenny Spring, Project Leader. 

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