Awesome innovation weekend!


All photos: Jacob Mørch/Early Stage and Procademy

Motivated and talented business developers met for the final Barents Entrepreneurs event. The best part; they were all under the age of 35, and not wearing black suits! 


Barents Entrepreneurs supports business developments in the Barents Region, by facilitating specific trainings for young business leaders, within innovations and entrepreneurship. The program is designed to motivate young business developers, to create cross-border cooperation’s, and increase their knowledge about opportunities for business, within the countries of Barents!

With cross-border cooperation as a target; good relations, trust and understanding is crucial for future development. To achieve the goal, the project brought together 45 young entrepreneurs from Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway, to participate in the final Barents Entrepreneurs event in Kirkenes.

Helmet with audio, guide mode, and map, for bike tourists. Creative!

During the event, Pracademy conducted a “Design Thinking” workshop, which is practical, human-centered, and prototype-driven. It helps teams of diverse people tackle fuzzy, ill-defined challenges in creative ways. These challenges can come in many shapes and sizes, for example, the development of new products, services, and experiences; the design of business models; or the structuring of organizational systems. Participants were certainly out of their comfort zone, finding challenges and solutions to design!

Development of Arctic Smart Cities, was another topic discussed. By learning about upcoming city-management, the participants got an idea of how they can contribute to the technology industry.

By adding fresh air and saltwater to the event, the entrepreneurs got to experience a real king crab excursion, while learning the story of a local tourism company that managed to grow global success. 

Excited king crab fishers!


Finally, the participants learned about Norwegian business culture, like they learned about Finish, Swedish and Russian, during previous events of the program!