SSVAMMP – a unique musical phenomenon at the Russian scene

Colors of the Murmansk autumn shone brighter through the prism of unusual melodic by Kirkenes musicians who came to Russia with the Norway-Russian project

Last week SSVAMMP jazzmen came to win the subarctic audience. The first visit to Russia and the first experience in JazzBluesCafe turned to be a good start for young musicians.

Their path began far in the West of Norway, at the University College of Volda. But if you think that guys were hearing out the classics of jazz, you are wrong. The future SSVAMMPers learned from the professionals how to listen to…feel and understand music, follow its movement and development in thoughts’ and soul’s consecutions. Improvisation and different music styles’ fusion, tonal and atonal experiments with instruments became the main interest of SSVAMMP.

A journey of the Norwegian band, however, was not limited by “LEDOKOL” club first night performance. The next day guys spent walking around the hero-city. And Friday evening was a marvelous opportunity for their guests to enjoy SSVAMMP music to the full extent. Marsh drum- rolls inspired by courageous look of the monument to defenders of the North – “Alyosha”, wistful guitar motives reminding of palpitation of autumn leaves under your feet, miser bas sounds and dings of (you won’t believe!) real vintage bells, bought at the junk market in Germany – all created an unforgettable picture of Murmansk, so different from what its dwellers got used to. The musicians got so much inspired by the urban landscapes of the city that couldn’t cope but wrote a new composition right after the tour. Stunk on their musical finewriting Murmansk musicians present at the concert invited the Norwegian improvisators to play at the jam-session with St.-Petersburg and local DJs afterwards. The evening was full of bright emotions and expectations of the further meeting with the audience, but in Nikel.

At the scene of Nikel club “Oasis” through music guys were sharing some of their grief and broken melodies, wind-like sounds and other effects reminded, probably, of coming winter. Nevertheless, warm welcome and joyful applause melt Norwegian hearts, whet spark in their kind eyes. The concert flew in one breath. After 4 days of musical adventures a gentleman Mattis Moviken (drums), a philosopher Vegard Selheim (bass) and a charming beardy Per Anders Store came back home. Next comes separation from Russia, but, hopefully, after a short period of reflections and collection of musical impressions they will come to share them with us again!

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