Barents Youth Conference 2012

From October 22nd to October 24th 2012 youth from the Barents Region will get a opportunity to make input to the future Barents II Declaration – “Kirkenes Declaration 2.0”, which expected to be adopted by the Barents Summit in June 2013.

In connection with the Norwegian chairmanship of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, the Norwegian Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion has offered to host the conference. The Barents Youth Conference 2012 will take place on the coastal ship, Hurtigruten, from Tromsø to Kirkenes from October 22 till October 24. The contribution of young people in the region to the future Barents cooperation is very important.

There will be around 100 participants during the conference: participations from the regions – Russia, Norway and Finland; representatives of indigenous peoples; representatives from the Council of Europe, the European Commission, the International Barents Secretariat, the Norwegian Barents Secretariat and Barents Youth Cooperation Office.

The main objectives of the Conference are: 

  • To give young people a possibility to make input to the Barents II declaration
  • To discuss the future child and youth cooperation in the Barents Region
  • To make proposals to the future Action Plan and Programme of the Joint Working Group on Youth of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council and the Barents Regional Council
  • An opportunity for a dialogue between representatives from the authorities of the 13 Regions and the Indigenous Peoples and young people from the Barents Region. Youth cooperation is one of the priority directions of the Barents cooperation, which started 20 years ago, January 11, 1993.

The programme of the conference is very interesting. It will be a combination of discussion in working groups and plenary sessions. Young people from the all Barents Region will make presentations, take part in discussions and workshops.

Barents Youth Cooperation Office (BYCO) was established in 2002 and there will be a special session making the 10 year anniversary. The introduction and information from the Council of Europe and the European Commission is also in the programme. New Kirkenes Declaration needs to be completed by youth proposals and views.

Written by
Yulia Bobina