Energy Efficiency Seminar in Naryan-Mar

The Norwegian-Russian energy efficiency seminar took place in Naryan-Mar on September 14. The seminar was organized within the Energy Efficiency Project in the Barents Region by the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and the Norwegian Barents Secretariat. The financial support to the project was provided by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat, Troms County Council and Norland County Council.

62 specialists participated in the seminar in Naryan-Mar. There were representatives of regional and municipal authorities, condominiums, management companies, budgetary organizations and institutions. Representatives of the Administration of the Nenets Autonomous okrug (NAO), responsible for the Energy and Energy efficiency, Norwegian and Russian energy efficiency specialists have made presentations. The long term programme “Development of the energy complex of the Nenets AO, energy saving support and increasing energy efficiency of the regional economy in 2010-2015” was passed and now acting, said Andrey Semyonov, Head of the Energy and Municipal service Department of the NAO Administration. Ones of the direction of the programme are implementation of the energy audit of buildings, installation of hot water and electricity meters in houses, increasing of the thermal protection quality for buildings, energy saving.

However, there are number of challenges on the way to energy efficiency in the okrug. There are incomplete equipping by meters of the objects, luck of motivation to save energy at the organizations and in a small degree at population, luck of qualified specialists in energy efficiency, noticed Pavel Masyukov, Deputy Head of the Construction, housing and communal services Department. Thereupon, the report made by Knut Nilsen, Project Manager of the Troms Kraft Energiservice was very useful. He informed about experience of energy inspection tools and meters installation, Norwegian energy efficiency technology and solutions, training of specialists. Also the presentation about energy saving technologies in buildings made by the Arkhangelsk specialists from the “Automatica-Sever” was very interesting for the auditory.

The seminar in Naryan-Mar is a part of the Energy Efficiency Project in the Barents Region. The project has three main activities. To implement two test cases – one in Arkhangelsk and one in Murmansk – for testing Norwegian equipment for monitoring the use of energy in buildings, and in addition to use energy advisors to reduce the energy consumption. Second activity is to implement energy efficiency seminars in the cities of Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Naryan-Mar and Syktivkar. The third project activity is to get an overview of the Market potential for energy efficiency in two of the Russian regions in the target group.