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Andrey Vokuev

Andrey Vokuev, Nenets office

If you have a project in Naryan Mar or the Nenets region, please contact our colleague Andrey Vokuev for information or help. 

In April 1999 the Norwegian Barents Secretariat got a contact in Naryan Mar to coordinate projects in the Nenets region. .

  • Purpose - to foster and stengthen the ties between the Nenets autonomous okrug and Norway, to maintain contacts, develop relations and stimulate participation of the Nenets autonomous okrug in the Barents cooperation through realisation of economical, scientific, educational, social, cultural and other projects initiated by the population of the Nenets autonomous okrug.
  • Works under support and assistance of the Nenets autonomous okrug.

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Contact information:


Lenina st.33A (office 26) 
166000 Naryan-Mar 
Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Phone/fax: +7-818 53 490 63

Andrey Vokuev
Mobile phone: +7-91 15 57 78 53