Meet Natalia at our Murmansk Office

This monday Natalia Danilets started her work as advisor at our Murmansk Information Office.

With splendid language skills and 5 years work experience from the Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk, we have added a huge resource to our staff at the Murmansk office. 

Since Maria Goman will take a leave for a period while increasing the Barents population, we have hired Natalia Danilets as new adviser at our Murmansk office. Oksana Shibakova has been promoted to Acting director of the Murmansk office in the period when Maria is on maternity leave. 

Natalia is born in Murmansk and has lived there for the most of her life. She has studied both English and Norwegian at the Murmansk Humanitarian Institute, so both our employees at the Murmansk office can talk both Norwegian and Russian. 

Norwegian Consulate General
For the last 5 years she has been working for the Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk as the visa section secretary. In this period, she became more aware of the Barents cooperation and participated in several Barents projects where the consulate had a role. 

She has always been impressed by how strong the cooperation in the Barents Region is. 

- I feel that the friendship keeps on growing and strengthening our relations. These relations are especially important during this unstable period, says Natalia. 

She is happy to be a part of the Barents crew where she hopes to gain a lot of new experiences, and one other important thing: 

- I will do as best I can to contribute to make the Barents cooperation even stronger, says Natalia.

Use our Murmansk Office
Natalia and Oksana at the Murmansk Office can help all Russian participants in Barents projects, that either are looking for a Norwegian partner or that have questions regarding a project they are participating in. If you are just looking for general information about the Barents cooperation, they are also the right place to contact for information. 

For Norwegian project leaders or participants who have engaged on a project in the Murmansk region, Oksana and Natalia can give you support on all kinds of questions. They will put you in contact with the right office or right person that can solve your issues. 

A third and important task for the office is to follow up projects in the Murmansk region, and do information work about activities here. 

Contact information for Oksana and Natalia you will find here