Norwegian-Russian business cooperation

The Russian economy has developed significantly over the recent years. This development has contributed to an improved framework for business and development of new arenas of cooperation. The business cooperation across the border between Norway and Russia has increased due to these changes. At The Norwegian Barents Secretariat we aim to facilitate this border-crossing cooperation.

Russia is a big market with several interesting business opportunities. The fact that Russia, compared to Norway is an efficiency driven economy, towards Norway’s innovation driven economy, creates great opportunities in the field of business. The fact that Russia currently is in constant change contributes to a environment consisting of risk due to low predictability and transitory conditions. Therefore the optimizing of opportunities, combined with minimization of threats, can be achieved through thorough planning, understanding of Russian culture and knowledge about how to undertake opportunities in the Russian market.

From the beginning the business cooperation between Norway and Russia has been an important pillar in the Barents cooperation. The Norwegian Barents Secretariat is promoting Norwegian interests in the Russian part of the Barents region. The areas of focus are exploitation and refining of natural resources like oil and gas, ore and minerals, and also fish and other maritime resources. The contribution from the Norwegian Barents Secretariat will be given through support for reports, contribution to creation of networking opportunities or support to concrete business projects.

We have recently employed a new business adviser. However, she will not start until spring 2017. Until then you should contact the head of Secretariat if you have questions about business projects. 

Jenny Mikkelsen Spring
Business adviser
Mobile phone: +47 917 91 168

Business cooperation in the Barents Region