Nordic Pulse - Open Call for Annual Event BRYC 2016

Barents regional Youth Council is pleased to start an open call for participants from the Barents region to take part in our annual event, which is going to take place in the Komi Republic in Russia, 14-18 December.­­

This years event is devoted to healthy lifestyle and sports, first aid training and slow food propoganda - as we would like youth to take more care about their health! During the event it will be lectures, workshops and sports, all giving you the best inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle together with fellow Barents Youth!

And you know whats BEST? Its all free. Visa-, travel-, accommodation- and foodcosts are all covered by the project.


This years event is as formerly mentioned, taking place in the Komi Republic, Russia. Each Barents region could send 4 youths to the event. To apply for the event there are some demands

      You need to be
                            - 16-30 years old
                            -  Speak English
                            - Live, study or originate from the Barents Region. 

If you are all this, then apply in the form on this link 

Deadline for applying: 31 October 2016


If you are interested in learning more, have a look at the timetable of the event

or have a look at last years video: