Media travel support

The Norwegian Barents Secretariat has a travel support program for Norwegian and Russian journalist working in the Barents Region, who are planning to cross the border to make news stories. 

Published 05. October 2021

Journalists in the Barents Region have for many years been crossing borders and covering news stories all over the region. The growing interest of the journalist network Barents Press is a clear indication of this.

The Norwegian Barents Secretariat would like to contribute to an increase of cross border journalism by financing travel expenses for the regional journalists. The media travel support program is open for all Norwegian journalists working in Nordland, Troms or Finnmark and Russian journalists working in Komi, Nenets, Arkhangelsk, Karelia or Murmansk. The crucial factor is that you have a plan to cross the national border to the neighbouring country to make a news story. By applying this program you could get up to 70 percent of the travel expenses covered by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

The program covers:

  • travel and accommodation expenses (some diet)
  • translation costs
  • visa costs
  • vital costs to your news story (conference fee or similar..)

The program does not cover: 

  • Salary or project management costs
  • Investments in equipment
  • Camera rent
  • Other administrative costs

The program can cover up to 70 percent of the travel costs. However, this is 70 percent of the actual travel costs. Salary can for instance not be added to the budget as own financing to the budget. 

Online application
All applications must be submitted via our online application portal on in either Norwegian or English language. 

Visa and accreditation
Remember both Norwegians and Russians need a visa to cross the two countries´ border. Norwegian journalists must apply for a special journalist visa and in addition you need an accreditation from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will find more information about that here:

End report
The applicant can ask for a 75 percent advance of the total payment as soon as the grant letter is received. To receive the remaining 25 percent of the grant you need to submit an end report. This should contain:

  • Information about your travel,
  • the number of articles which have been published
  • and most important: A detailed budget of your expenses. 

Increased awareness

The Norwegian Barents Secretariat find it important to give journalists in both Norway and Russia the opportunity to cross the border and write more about their neighbouring country in the north. This will contribute to strengthen bonds between the two countries, and increase the awareness and commitment to the Norwegian-Russian cooperation. 

The Norwegian Barents Secretariat hope that the travel support program will contribute to that news desks more often choose to pursue a good idea for an article in the neighbouring country, instead of shifting it aside because of too high expenses.

Freedom of press
The Norwegian Barents Secretariat has no intention of controlling or to set any criterions to the contents of the articles or subjects which is focused on.

An important factor for promoting this program is in fact to increase the focus on freedom of press in the Barents Region. 

Another reason for launching the program is also to increase the scope and the width of journalism in the north. 

There are several issues in both countries which could be interesting to see with new eyes and form another angle. Maybe this program also can be a contributor to increased focus on new debates and topics.

For more information about media travel support program, please contact program coordinator
Aslak Ballari