Arkhangelsk office


Julia, Andrey and Anastasia at our Arkhangelsk office


The Barents Secretariat Office in Arkhangelsk has for the years of its existence become the main resource centre for organizations and private persons in the matters dealing with the Barents cooperation. The Office serves also as an important source of information for the participants of the Barents cooperation in from Norway, Sweden and Finland.


The Arkhangelsk Office of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat was established in 1996 in an agreement signed by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat, Arkhangelsk Regional Administration and the Pomor State University.

The main responsibilities of the Office are:

  • Selection, systematising and dissemination of information about Barents co-operation, and organisations located in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region (BEAR);
  • Assistance to local organisations in project management dealing with their participation in the Barents co-operation.
  • Assistance to local organisations in seeking for partnership within the BEAR.
  • Rendering informational, consultation and technical assistance to all organisations and individuals interested in the Barents co-operation;
  • Providing assistance in holding and participation in negotiations, drawing up bilateral agreements, treaties; assistance in arranging seminars, conferences and official Barents events.
  • An important source of information for the participants of the Barents cooperation in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Norway’s Honorary Consulate to Arkhangelsk
Our Arkhangelsk office is also Norway’s honorary consulate to Arkhangelsk, with office Director Andrey Shalyov as the Honorary Consul. The office provides information about Norway and about visa regulations for visitors to Norway. 

More information about visa regulations at  

Contact information:

Norwegian Barents Secretariat
Arkhangelsk Office
Pomorskaya street 16
Arkhangelsk 163000

Phone/fax: +7 8182 65 10 43

Andrey Shalyov
Mobile phone: +7 921 720 90 77

Anastasia Sazhenova 
Mobile phone: +7 921 240 40 62

Anna Petrova
Mobile phone: +7 911 675 77 48