The Barents Regional Youth Programme

The Barents Regional Youth Programme is a multilateral youth projects funding programme within the Barents Region. It is an overall aim of the programme to make the Barents Region more attractive for young people so that they stay in the region or return after completing their education.

The Programme offers young people opportunities for mobility and active participation in the Barents cooperation and the development of the Barents Region. It aims to contribute to the achievement of increased cross border youth cooperation within all areas in addition to development of skills and competencies, which promote active citizenship.

The programme has the following objectives:

  • To increase youth participation in the Barents Regional cooperation’s networks by giving young people increased influence and possibilities for cross border activities. 
  • To facilitate the integration of young people into society at large and encouraging their spirit of initiative. 
  • To strengthen young people’s sense of identity as members of the Barents Region by establishing contact across cultural and geographical borders 
  • To encourage young people to play an active role in strengthening civil society in the Barents Region 
  • To encourage young people to give free expression to their sense of solidarity in The Barents Region and the wider world, as well as supporting the fight against racism and xenophobia. 
  • To strengthen the position and rights for indigenous youth and minorities trough increased multilateral and multicultural cooperation

Target group
Young people in The Barents Region aged 15-30 years

Priority areas
The following priority areas have been chosen for this programme on the basis of the problems young people face in the Barents Region.

  • Culture and sport (Including Tolerance and anti racism )
  • Competence and Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental issues
  • Social and health related issues
  • Community development (Including promotion of active citizenship)

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For more information about the Barents Youth Programme, please contact our youth coordinator:

Timme Ellingjord