Российско-норвежское деловое сотрудничество

Due to the economic development in Russia, business cooperation across the Norwegian-Russian border is becoming increasingly important. For the Norwegian Barents Secretariat, Russian-Norwegian business cooperation projects are a priority.

From the very beginning, business cooperation between Russian and Norwegian companies was one of the fundamental factors for the development of the Barents cooperation as a whole. Today, business cooperation in the Barents region is actively developing, especially in connection with plans for the development of oil and gas fields in the Barents Sea.

In the coming years, improving cross-border business cooperation in the region will be of great importance. The Norwegian Barents Secretariat plans to promote Norwegian business structures in the Russian part of the Barents region, with a separate focus on natural resources, fish and seafood. The Barents Secretariat will also finance business projects and contribute to the creation of new platforms for the development of contact networks.

The Norwegian Barents Secretariat is one of the participants in the Northern Sea Corridor project, whose main task is to develop water routes from the Barents region to European markets and the rest of the world. The Norwegian Barents Secretariat is actively enhancing cooperation between the ports of the Barents region.

Below are examples of business activity in the Barents region in which the Norwegian Barents Secretariat participated or became one of the sponsors. 


Jenny Mikkelsen Spring
Business adviser
Email: jenny@barents.no 
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