Cooperation in the Barents Region is a priority, Governor of Murmansk Oblast, Dmitry Dmitriyenko, said in last week’s meeting with the Norwegian Barents Secretariat. The new governor also met with Finnmark County leader Runar Sjåstad (photo).

In the meeting, Governor Dmitriyenko confirmed to General Secretary of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat Rune Rafaelsen that international cooperation in the Barents Region remains a priority for the Murmansk administration.

The meeting was the first since Mr. Dmitriyenko took over the governor’s seat in Murmansk in April this year. Over the last month, the new governor has met with the general consuls of Norway and Finland, and participated in the meeting between Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

A new fiber-optic cable has been stretched from the Republic of Karelia to Murmansk, thus significantly strengthening communications in the Russian Arctic city. These plans is of interest also for neighboring Norway. The possible extension of the cable across the border to Norway, was discussed between Dmitriyenko and Finnmark County leader Runar Sjåstad at the same meeting. A memorandum of understanding was signed by the parts, opening up for further studies of the project.

Murmansk Oblast is a key participant in the Barents Euro-Arctic Cooperation. It is also heavily economically dependent of international trade.