Barents Indigenous Peoples´ Office (BIPO)


The Barents Indigenous Peoples' Office is located in Murmansk, Russian Federation, and is an information centre and a service institution for indigenous peoples in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region; both organisations, institutions and induviduals.

BIPO's mandate is to spread information about the situation of the indigenous peoples of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region, as well as to be of assistance in the cooperation between the Nenets, the Veps and the Saami within the region. BIPO is also a secretariat for the Working Group of Indigenous Peoples (WGIP).

BIPO is funded by the Saami Parliament in Norway, and it is administrated by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

Manager of BIPO Tatiana Egorova can be contacted for information and assistance in Russian, English or Norwegian.

Telephone +7 921 283 77 14