E-application guide

All applications for Barents funds must be completed via our e-application portal. Applicants must register a user and follow the easy instructions on the online portal to complete their application.

With the launch of e-application, project management will become much more effective and easy for all involved in the project. The online application guides the applicant thorough all parts of the application, with explanation about what kind of information is need for all sections. The system also stops the applicant if some sections are left unfilled.

The Norwegian partner in the project must be project leader and the one to establish a profile on the portal. But the leader can send over the password for the profile to the Russian partner so that the Norwegian and Russian partner can work on developing the project jointly. All information boxes will be in Norwegian, so non Norwegian speaking project participants will have to learn some simple Norwegian phrases so that they are able to find the right boxes to fill in new project information.

The application processes can be performed in several steps and a draft application can be saved in your private portal. Only when you press send application, the application is sent over to the Norwegian Barents Secretariat and one of the advisers at the office can starts the case administration.

Also end reports shall from now on be posted electronically online and the procedures are the same. You decide in the first online window whether you are logged in for application or end report. If you have applied for funds to a project with the old word form, you still have to send the end report through the application portal.

For å short period we will accept applications sent in the old way, but we strongly urge all applicants to start using the new portal immediately. Use the link below or the banner on the front page